Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Guyana 2007

December 13 through 20 of this year I traveled to Guyana under the auspices of Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama. A member of our church, Ted Sheldon, and a fellow laborer, Dale Wallace of Damascus Baptist and Bible Baptist in North Carolina made the trip as well. We went to visit with Brother Randolph Nagaur and participate in their Annual Fellowship at two of the three churches he oversees.

No building projects or medical work was carried out. That was not why we were invited to come. Our brother saw the need to have his people encouraged by brethren of like faith coming and preaching the gospel. If they were encouraged thank the Lord. I certainly was helped.

This work shows strong evidence in my opinion of the good hand of the Lord being upon it for over 40 years. Generations have now sat under the ministry of this faithful servant and the effects are being demonstrated across Guyana and to many other places in the world. In a time when most of Christendom are sure that it is impossible to minister without adopting the world's methods this work is a bright and shining example of how the Lord honors the steadfast, faithful preaching and teaching of His Word.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

How the First Church Conducted Business

This article by G.H. Lang presents a thought provoking analysis of how the first church at Jerusalem addressed a matter upon which the local body was initially divided. Lang's proposal is, I think, Biblical that churches should achieve unanimity before action rather than acting and hope for it.

Enjoy the article!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Online Sermons Now on Web Site

Sermons preached at GMBC Dothan are now available on-line at the church's web site.

Let us know what you think.