Monday, August 18, 2008

A Long Time Braves Fan and the Passing of a Legend

Bear with me as I depart from the deeply spiritual to the deeply human...

Those who know me well know that I have been a Braves fan most of my life. Growing up within a couple of hours of Atlanta I have followed them very closely since 1966 when they first came to Atlanta from Milwaukee. As a child I listened to many a game at night in my bed with an earpiece to a transistor radio. The game would fade in and out (out at the most inopportune times). What happened after I fell asleep I would read about in the next day's paper (the daily Valley Times-News).

The voices of the Braves were very familiar to me. Ernie Johnson and Milo Hamilton are the two announcers I remember from the early years. After Milo left a newcomer, Skip Caray, came aboard and along with some other newcomers like Pete Van Wieren they made the game much more entertaining. TV took the place of radio but the voices were still important especially during those dry years when the Braves were perennial losers.

Happy days came and were with us for 15 titles. And, those voices, they just added to the delight! One of those voices will no longer be heard live. Skip Caray passed away recently. His eternal destiny I think about as a pastor. I cannot make the call as I am not privy to what transpired between he and his Maker before his last breath. I do know that Skip like all of us mortals have only one hope for right standing with God. The Lord has made it very plain that His Son paid the debt in full for His own through the shedding of His blood on the hill called Mount Calvary. He also makes it clear that one who believes on Him can not only have their sin debt paid in full but have the Son's righteousness placed to their account!

If you are a fan of the voices like Skip Caray's you will enjoy this tribute to him!

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