Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Heart of the Saviour

The Lord seems to place in my path at work from time to time people that I need in a special way.

A second shift janitor a few years back would brighten my day as she came by and shared with me her joys and burdens ever so briefly and simply.

Now, I have another friend. I hear the door open close to my office at 2:45pm almost every day that he works. His presence cannot be missed because of his loud booming voice which fits quite proportionately to his tall, slender frame. My life is richer for knowing him. I have learned that we have one common interest: the Saviour. He listens to BBN and absorbs much of what he has heard over the years from sound men. We have had several conversations that went well beyond the surface of spiritual things and delved into a depth of Bible knowledge that only comes by study and a heart that is willing to submit to what it is shown. I consider him 'highly favored'.

Today, this dear man, stopped by my office speaking with a voice tinged with sadness. 'What can you do', he says, 'when people that you love are going to hell?'. He does not hesitate to talk with others of Christ. And, he loves those to whom he talks. My response to his question was really only an observation, not an answer. 'You are showing that you have the heart of the Saviour', I said. Our Lord had compassion for the multitude for they were as sheep without a shepherd. He wept silently at Lazarus' grave. He wept openly over (the inhabitants of) Jerusalem. He loved His own to the uttermost and greatly desired to spend time with them at the last passover He observed before His death.

My friend loves people. My Saviour loves people. Oh, forgiveness I need for my cold, cold indifferent heart.

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