Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Burdens and What To Do with Them

From F.B. Meyer in The Secret of Guidance:

The one cure for burden-bearing is to cast all burdens on the Lord.  The margin of the Revised Version of Psalm 55:22 reads thus: "Cast that He hath given thee upon the Lord."  Whatever burden the Lord has given you, give it back to Him.  Treat the burden of care as once you did the burden of sin; kneel down and deliberately hand it over to Jesus.  Say to Him, "Lord, I entrust to You this, and this, and this.  I cannot carry them; they are crushing me, but I definitely commit them all to You to manage, and adjust, and arrange.  You have taken my sins.  Take my sorrows, and in exchange give me Your peace, Your rest."

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