Friday, August 17, 2007

B.H. Carroll: A Great Baptist

I am a Baptist. I do not esteem being a Baptist above being saved by God's grace. But, I do not shy away from being known as a Baptist. I am a Baptist not because I grew up in a Baptist home nor because I was saved under a Baptist pastor. I am a Baptist because what the Baptists believe that I identify with is as close to what the Scripture teaches as any other group I know.

A giant of a Baptist was a man named B.H. Carroll. I don't know that I have ever read an account of a man's conversion that had more of an effect upon me than B.H. Carroll's. I encourage you to go to this link. There you can read of his life and the effect it and his death had upon great Baptists of his day.

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We like reading what is on your blog page and are encouraged, just because we don't leave messages don't you get discouraged!